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One of the many brilliant aspects of filmmaker John Krasinski’s smash hit horror thriller A Quiet Place is its economy of storytelling. There’s no needless exposition, no prologue explaining what happened to Earth or how the monsters got there. But that doesn’t mean Krasinski.
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Right now it might not look like a Cloverfield movie, but integrating it down the line could be a direction to take a potential sequel.

The Monster in 'A Quiet Place' Has Super-Hearing for a Terrifying Reason

The events in The Cloverfield Paradox shattered reality across dimensions, causing giant monsters to appear in some and weird aliens in others. The creatures in A Quiet Place are totally different than those in 10 Cloverfield Lane , but they do look a little bit like much smaller versions of the original Cloverfield monster. And A Quiet Place is full of details that resonate with Cloverfield.


Some kind of debris from space crash-landing on Earth? Otherworldly monsters attacking humanity?

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To be fair, almost any sci-fi horror can fit into Cloverfield these days, but the whole vibe of A Quiet Place feels so much like if somebody made Signs as a Cloverfield movie. For all we know, that could mean integrating A Quiet Place into the Cloverfield multiverse in a few years, or just a direct sequel. Whether or not A Quiet Place does one day make it into the Cloverfield multiverse, the film is good enough to forever stand on its own.

I think that people want to know that.

How the Monsters in 'A Quiet Place' Can Be Explained by Evolution

One of the things I loved about the first movie was how economical it was in its storytelling — the film gave the audience the bare minimum of info, and expected us to figure it out for ourselves. The first film involved the Abbott family trying to survive in a world where the majority of the population had been wiped-out by monsters attracted to sound. As a result, the Abbots had to spend most of their days in total silence, lest they draw attention to themselves.

What If The Quiet Place Monsters Were Real?

Nestled into all of that was a surprisingly touching story about family, with a rewarding pay-off. The movie was a huge hit, and a genuine surprise — no one knew director John Krasinski had something like this in him. All that said, the movie felt perfectly self-contained.

Even Krasinski himself said he never really considered making a sequel…at first. Eventually, though, the filmmaker was convinced to return to direct the follow-up.

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