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Defender: The Sanctuary Series, Volume One by Robert J. Crane Paperback $ Start reading Avenger (The Sanctuary Series Book 2) on your Kindle in .
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Cyrus' descent into madness and obsession is downplayed a lot in the majority of the book, and then it suddenly jumps into the forefront. The character does a good job at coming to terms with his obsession in a way that is believable based on what we know This book improves upon the first book in the series, which wasn't really that hard to do. The character does a good job at coming to terms with his obsession in a way that is believable based on what we know of him. I still have some issues with Vara. I know she's an elf in her very young years, but I still cringe whenever she gets described being similar to a giggling teenager.

Overall, still not the best fantasy I've read, in all honesty, but a good read. I still have issues with the feel of it being a narrated MMORPG session, but the author is improving in how he delivers his story. May 20, Jim Corbiere rated it really liked it. Finished reading " Avenger " by Robert J Crane. This is the second part of the Sanctuary Series. Another very good read. I am liking the story and will continue the series. Caravans are being attacked and robber.

People are being killed. Sanctuary is being blamed for it.

Avenger: The Sanctuary Series, Volume Two

They have been exiled from all the lands and have been given a short time period to prove their innocence. Is someone framing Sanctuary or is someone in the guild actually doing it? If they fail to prove their innocence the members will be executed. Aug 19, Harmony T. I enjoyed book 2 in this series better than the first. It is most likely due to much more character development and backstories learned of the characters that were introduced in a rush in the first book. I love the story and find the trials of Purgatory to be especially intriguing. Oct 08, Sean Helms rated it liked it.

Has the same heroes still adventuring and dungeon-crawling, but at least now there's actually some background and storyline. Thank goodness. There is still too much lack of respect for death, but at least the author is consistent. May 11, Jethad19 rated it liked it. The second book is much better and even though it is not a series I would typically read I am considering getting each of the books one at a time.

If it starts to get boring again I will stop the series. May 14, Jim Galford rated it liked it.

The story has many exciting elements, dragons, goblins, and monsters galore. Fun read. Jun 28, Deborah rated it really liked it. I can't stop reading this series, the first one took a while to get into it but now I want to find out what all the characters are doing. Good read Suspense kept me up late in the night wanting to know where the story was going Wonder where Robert Crane will take the next book. May 28, Aaron Magnani rated it liked it. The second book is very good! Jan 16, James Hein rated it liked it. A continuation of book 2 and a little better than the first one. Will be reading further.

Mar 18, Barry rated it really liked it. Continues to be a great read, especially for a free ebook! Hard to keep track of everyone due to so many characters and the battles are still a bit too simplistic but a good plot and character development carries the day. Apr 13, Lauren rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , adventure , read-books , fiction , reading-challenge-ebook , reading-challenge-tbr-dragon Enjoyable series, just not my favorite. Feb 12, Helen rated it it was amazing. I do not know why I have not read this before, it has been sat in my to be read pile for ages.

I loved Defender, taking quite a shine to Cyrus Davidon and his little insecurities which kind of make him cute. Not sure Robert intended that though, ha ha ha. The story; as usual Cyrus and the rest of Sanctuary are looking for adventures when things don't quite go they way they should. The officers of Sanctuary, have to come to terms with being outcast and blamed for some evil deeds.

You suspect quite I do not know why I have not read this before, it has been sat in my to be read pile for ages. You suspect quite early on that one particular character has his fingers well and truly in the mix but it is finding out if it is him, why he would do it and essentially what is to be gained. I liked the trials when you get to read about Cyrus and co. All the while Cyrus is still holding a torch for Vara who begins to see him in a different light.

She is not keen on his need for revenge for the murder of his best friend in Defender. When Cyrus has the opportunity to take revenge but chooses another path, Vara sees that he is not the person she thought. Fortin is a strange but hilarious addition to the band of adventurers who seems to have quite a wise head on his shoulders and is able to offer Cyrus some pearls of wisdom along the way. I can honestly say I was entertained, and had the need to read more which is the sign of a good book.

I want to find out more about the mysteries surrounding Alaric the ghost. Little hints are offered with dangling carrots of when the time is right Cyrus and us as readers will find out more about what makes the Paladin tick. Well paced the story flows as it should. The series seems to end and continue directly which is fantastic giving no misunderstanding of events and time. I have given it a well deserved 5 stars. Aug 10, Les Anderson rated it it was amazing. Cyrus Davidon continues to be one of the most interesting and complex fantasy characters I've ever read.

In Avenger, we read about his attempt to complete his quest and deal with his desire for revenge. While Cyrus, and now Vara to some degree, is the main character, the supporting cast is one of the reasons I keep reading. As Cyrus notes at one point, everyone in Sanctuary has a secret. I can only hope that by the end of the series, we will find out what those secrets are.

At least in this story Cyrus Davidon continues to be one of the most interesting and complex fantasy characters I've ever read. At least in this story, in the final chapter, Vara reveals one of her secrets to Cyrus, and to us. Alaric, Curatio, Terian, and Vara still have many secrets I'd like explained. The relationship between Cyrus and Vara continues to grow, albeit slowly.

However, for much of this part of the series, both are very busy and barely have time to talk. In some ways that's good, since both of them seem to need time to open up to each other. Fortin was a fantastic addition to both the story and to Sanctuary. Who knew that a rock giant would be so wise and humorous. I can't wait to read more about him. I want to also say a few words about Robert Crane.

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His writing continues to impress me in this novel. He came up with a truly brilliant and inspired story and he knows these characters and you can tell that in how he writes.

There have been comparisons to Lord of the Rings in some reviews. I would disagree. Sanctuary is unique! I can honestly say that I have never read a fantasy series quite like it, and I have read a lot of fantasy novels. The only comparison to Lord of the Rings that I can see right now is that I will be sad to see it end. Nov 01, Cheryl M-M rated it really liked it. I have to say I liked this one even more than the first. The author has worked on the dialogues and now the characters connect and interact in a more realistic way.

So much so that it is a joy to read some of the quips they exchange and some of them even made me laugh out loud. The story is filled with elements that a lover of fantasy will adore, even venturing into the darker realms of Gods and necromancy. I enjoyed the fact that we got to take a closer look at the characters, their secrets and past lives, which gives more insight into why the have chosen the life they lead. I enjoyed the read and highly recommend it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my review. Dec 31, Larissa rated it liked it. Our warrior, Cyrus, is one step closer to fulfill his to-do list, and the price for such endeavor might not be as bad as you think at this point in time. So many things happened in this book and the previous one, that I am having a hard time to pinpoint them all. Also, the Trials of Purgatory will be a hell of an adventure to our Sanctuary adventures.

Some might fail in your eyes and some might not. Sep 16, Nikki Kies rated it really liked it. It's probably not fair not to review the first book first but I just finished Avenger and I loved it. Sanctuary Series. Epic Fantasy The world of Arkaria is a dangerous place, filled. This is a collection of the first three titles in the Sanctuary Series, which is about a warrior in the mythical world of Arkaria, facing great battles against magical.

Crane: grounsighfochond. Editorial Reviews.

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About the Author. Robert J. Untouched 3. Soulless 4. Family 5. Omega 6. Broken 7. Enemies 8. Legacy 9. Destiny Limitless 2. In the Wind 3. Ruthless 4. Grounded 5. Tormented 6. Vengeful 7. Sea Change 8. Painkiller 9. Masks Prisoners Unyielding Hollow Toxicity Small Things Hunters Badder Nemesis Apex Time Driven Remember Hero Flashback Cold Blood Ties - Coming May 15, ! Music - Coming in ! Dragon - Coming in ! Liberty - Coming in !

Sanctuary Series 1. Defender 2. Avenger 3.